Swedish title: Bookigami Sunset

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Gift books & Humour

Pub date: 16-08-2016

Format: 135 x 210 mm, 256 pages


Hanna Säll Everö, Annika Lyth

Get in on the latest creativity trend! Bookigami is the art of folding and crafting with the pages of a book. It’s a wonderful pastime that doesn’t require any tools and the results are amazing, even if you are not very handy.

This book quickly teaches you the technique and its smart construction means that you can’t see the instructions once you have finished folding. This is mindfulness for lovers of paper art.

Hanna Säll Everö is a graphic designer and book lover. She started folding the pages of old books in an attempt to save them from the rubbish dump, and then she couldn’t stop. There is no longer a book that goes safe!

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