Swedish title: Humlor i Sverige

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 25-05-2012

Format: 176 pages, 140x230mm, 4+4


Bo Mossberg, Björn Cederberg

Bumblebees – the grower’s best friend

Cute, good-natured and quietly buzzing – it is easy to get to like bumblebees. The book shows all 40 species in Sweden, presented by Bo Mossberg, Sweden’s foremost plant illustrator, and bumblebee expert Björn Cederberg. Marvellous watercolour paintings show in detail how to spot the difference between the various species. The accompanying text describes bumblebees’ appearance, behaviour, the environment they live in and which plants they prefer. Great care has been taken to show bumblebees in their true environment.

The book explains how bumblebees work, why the various species look different, and how changes in the landscape have affected their distribution. The book describes the bumblebee community, with queens in early spring, industrious worker bees, patrolling drones, and the bees that are parasites on other species.

Bumblebees are also the grower’s best friend. The book offers tips about the various species’ favourite flowers, and which flowers to plant in order to tempt bumblebees into your garden. As pollinators of fruit and berries they are indispensable. Without bumblebees, there would be smaller apple harvests and fewer blueberries.

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