Children Who Have Changed the World

Swedish title: Barn som förändrat världen

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 14-09-2020

Format: 184 x 247 mm, 160 pages

Children Who Have Changed the WorldThe Fantastic Stories of Determined, Clever and Enterprising Young People Who Have Made a Difference

Jenny Strömstedt, illustrated by Beata Boucht

Seventeen children who in various ways have made the world a better place. Such as Louis Braille who invented Braille, Margaret Knight who invented all sorts of things (and had to fight in court for her patents), Liam Hannon who made sandwiches for the homeless and Muzon Almellehan who went from tent to tent in refugee camps to persuade parents to let their daughters go to school instead of getting married. And of course there is Greta Thunberg who has shaken up the political agenda all over the world.

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