Swedish title: Chili

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 19-03-2018

Format: 195x260 mm, 192 pages

Chilli222 varieties to grow and eat

Eva Robild, Kerstin Rosengren

Interest in growing and eating chillies has exploded in recent years. Suddenly everyone wants to grow them and you can understand why – growing chillies is fun and rewarding. The best thing about growing chillies is that there are so many varieties to choose between – from the hottest Moruga Scorpion and Carolina Reaper to milder varieties like Jimmy Nardello and Padron.

Chilli is a comprehensive presentation of 222 varieties complete with growing tips, pictures and a flavour guide. The authors guide you through the basics of growing chillies – from sowing the seeds during the winter to taking care of them and picking them in the summer.
The book also teaches us how to hold a chilli tasting session starting from the mildest and gradually moving on to the hottest. But chillies are about so much more than strength. Some varieties have unexpected flavour nuances of lemon or pineapple. Chilli is even packed with the authors’ tips on looking after and preserving chillies and recipes for hot chilli sauces and dishes. You’ll be inspired to grow and eat your own chillies – one of the hottest things you can do right now!

EVA ROBILD is a gardening journalist and the author of over 20 books, including Pallet Gardening and Natural Mindfulness.

KERSTIN ROSENGREN, or Chilli Kerstin as she calls herself, grows at least 250 varieties of
chillies in her greenhouse every year.

PERNILLA BERGDAHL is an experienced garden photographer who works for both Swedish and international magazines.

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