Cold-Season Gardening

Swedish title: Odla kallt

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 01-03-2023

Format: 170x240, 264 pages

Cold-Season GardeningHow to Sow and Harvest All Year Round: Vegetables, Summer Flowers, Perennials

Johannes Wätterbäck, Theres Lundén

Cold-season gardening means mimicking nature. Seeds are allowed to lie in cold soil and germinate when they are ready, which works for many vegetables, summer and biennial flowers, as well as perennials.

There are plenty of advantages to cold-season gardening. For instance, it saves both space and energy as the plants don’t need to be propagated indoors during spring. Seeds planted in cold soil adapt to an outdoor climate right from the start, growing compact and incredibly hardy. What’s more, fully-grown, frost-resistant crops and flowers don’t need to be moved or re-planted in the fall, and can yield a harvest when other plants have died from the cold.

Cold-season gardening prolongs the growing season so that the beginning and end meet somewhere in the middle of winter. Instead of sowing and harvesting only a few months out of the year, this allows us to keep going all year round.

In Cold-Season Gardening, garden philosophers Johannes Wätterbäck and Theres Lundén will teach you everything you need to know to grow flowers and vegetables outside all year round.

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