Country style

Swedish title: Inred lantligt på ditt eget sätt

Series: Country style

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 11-04-2011

Format: 144 pages, 190x260mm, colour

Country styleYour own way

Anna Örnberg

More taste than money? Furnishing country-style is ideal for people who want to do up their own homes, and believe in recycling. People who enjoy searching for bargains at flea markets and antique shops, who like sewing, painting, carpentry and making alterations can now furnish their own country oasis even if the wallet is thin.

Now in her third book about country-style furnishing, Anna Örnberg highlights all sorts of influences that find their way into country homes. The basis is still white, but now mixed in various different ways. From industry there are raw, rough metallic surfaces and a robust patina. Colourful bohemian chic along with rough charm. Grandiose, elaborately turned, in a style reminiscent of the grand days of old at country houses. The light romantic style with blacking features. Here is something for everyone – up to you to interpret the country style in ways that suit you and your home best.

Anna provides sound advice, practical tips and descriptions of both small and large projects for the country home. You will be inspired by this do-it-yourself book.

There are many good tips about how to paint on different materials and for different finishes. Not just sanded down and white – you will learn how to paint with a metallic finish, to paint in black with a patina, or to paint with a crackled finish.

There are some wonderful stylistic collisions, such as a Rococo chair covered in old jeans, or a fine old cabinet now with metal legs. Plus lots of tips and fun ideas about how you can put together simple things using coarse planks, metal pipes, industrial wheels, or how you can play with colourful materials and crochet things for granny and the aunts. You can even make fun things out of old books.

Learn how to make flowers out of tinplate and paper, or large lettering. The book is a splendid mix of amusing odds and ends, and home furnishing details that feel just right. Pick out what you like for your personal style, the way you like it.

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