Countryside Mushrooms

Swedish title: Svampar i naturen

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 21-06-1999

Format: Format: 130x195 mm Pages: 320, full colour throughout

Countryside Mushrooms

Bo Mossberg, Sven Nilsson , Olle Persson

A fantastic guide to the kingdom of mushrooms

Countryside Mushrooms is a reliable and beautiful guide to mushrooms that grow in the Swedish countryside. This is Sweden’s most comprehensive mushroom guide with detailed descriptions of about 400 species accompanied by straightforward texts and beautiful watercolour illustrations.

The beautifully detailed illustrations of the different species make this book unique and since most of the mushrooms are shown in their natural habitat, it is easier to correctly identify them.

This book is not only perfect for lovers of mushrooms, but also for those of you looking to increase your picking repertoire. Besides the presentations of species, there is even a section for beginners with suggestions for 20 edible mushrooms that are easy to recognize, safe to pick and delicious to eat. An entire chapter is also devoted to describing where the different species grow and the different kinds of mushrooms that you can expect to find in spruce forests, on swampy ground, in deciduous forests and in meadows.

The book also has a chapter on the mushrooms’ role in determining the health of a forest as they signal whether a forest has a high nature value, making it worth protecting. Countryside Mushrooms ends with a chapter on preparing mushrooms and a number of basic recipes.

Countryside Mushrooms is one of our most popular mushroom guides and, thanks to Bo Mossberg and Mats Karström, it has been revised several times since it was first published in 1977. Bo Mossberg is one of Europe’s foremost illustrators of plants and mushrooms and Mats Karström is a biologist who has been awarded for his outstanding work on the identification of the biological values of forests and the protection of old forests and biological diversity. These two gentlemen know everything there is to know about mushrooms!

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