Craft, Creation and Thinking

Swedish title: Jag grejar alltså finns jag

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 22-09-2015

Craft, Creation and Thinking

Elin Ek

In this book there are tips as to how you simply and inexpensively can create personal and useful things for yourself, your room or for oth¬ers. Sew a nice cushion with a secret pocket, make your own eye mask to shut out younger noisy family members, grow lots of plant cuttings that you can sell to get money to buy material to make that football bag you want. Invite your friends to a pastry buffet, build a cupboard for your diaries or read one of the Nobel prize-winning books while you wait for your hand-printed t-shirt to dry. It’s all here!

Oh no! Have you not remembered Father’s Day? No problem. Here you’ll learn how to knit him a scarf in half an hour, easy with nee¬dles and a thick ball of yarn. And if you have dry hands after all that knitting, there’s nothing like mixing gooey chocolate dough, rolling it out and making a Father’s Day cake. Congratulations Dad on having such a great kid!

Craft, Creation and Thinking, is a cocky, self-assured book with the message “This is me! Don’t mess with me.”

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