Swedish title: Demokrati - En liten bok om en stor sak

Category: General Non-Fiction / Narrative & General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 15-03-2021

DemocracyTen Questions for Our Time

Sofia Näsström

Winner of the DISA Award for popular science writing, and has sold over 7000 copies in Sweden alone.

As democracy around the world is under threat in a way not seen since the last great world war, it’s more imperative than ever to dare to ask the hard questions. What is true democracy? Is it more than a slogan or catchphrase in our time? How stable is the foundation on which we have laid our democratic groundwork? Is populism democratic, and will democracy have a central role in our future societies?

In ten dense, information packed chapters, Professor of Political Science Sofia Näsström reasons around a central question on democracy such as “What is democracy?”, “Who are the people” and “Does democracy have a future?”, meant to educate and give building blocks to having more thorough discussions on government and ruling.

Sofia Näsström has created something as rare as a page-turner on governmental systems, which you will come back to again and again, to re-organize your thoughts and regain your bearings.

For readers of Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny and Amos Oz’s How to Cure a Fanatic comes Sofia Näsström’s DEMOCRACY—an urgent and relevant introduction to democracy much needed in our time.

‘The style is concise, clear, free from pretention—here’s an academic who can write for the people.’

Dagens Nyheter

Democracy will live on, in some form, the question we all must ask ourselves is what form we thing it should take. Sofia Näsström’s book is as excellent as it is an easy-to-read introduction to possible answers to that question.’

Svenska Dagbladet

‘Especially insightful, despite its short format.’



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