Eleven Years On Earth

Swedish title: Elva år på jorden

Series: Lisa Bengtsson's memoirs

Category: Children

Pub date: 06-03-2006

Format: 128 pages, b/w illustrations

Eleven Years On Earth

Lotta Olsson, illustrated by Maria Nilsson Thore

We spend a week and a half with Lisa during the autumn of Year 5 – Lisa’s older sister is up to something shady, and at last the Detective Club has a mystery to solve. Lisa finds a secret note in her jacket pocket, signed V – presumably from Veronica, the most irritating girl in the class, or from Viktor, the most irritating boy in the class.

This is the first book in the series: Lisa Bengtsson’s Memoirs. Lotta Olsson writes with fluency, humour, seriousness and a real sense of involvement in the everyday life of an eleven year-old girl as she ponders on school, her family, her friends and life in general.

For children Lotta Olsson is perhaps best known for her picture books about Morris the puppy. However she made her debut with a collection of poems entitled Shadows And Reflections, which was a major success, and she has recently produced the new translation of the poems in The Lord Of the Rings trilogy.

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