Swedish title: Brodera mera

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Crafts & Hobbies

Pub date: 08-08-2018

Format: 195x260 mm, 112 pages

EmbroiderySmall and large projects from cross stitch to wool embroidery

Helena Ericsson

This wonderful book contains Helena Ericsson’s most popular embroidery designs from a collection of two thousand. There really is something for everyone, from cross stitch and beautiful wool designs to lighter summer designs using linen and cotton.

In addition to the fun designs, Helena shows you how to use your imagination to turn old pieces of embroidery into personal new items, provides you with plenty of beginners’ tips on how to choose yarns and fabrics, draw patterns and mount and describes the different embroidery stitches.

Matilda Gredfors Andersson

Foreign Rights Manager | Illustrated & Practical Non-Fiction


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