Family living – the untidy truth

Swedish title: Family living

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Gift books & Humour

Pub date: 07-04-2011

Format: 176 pages, 165x187mm, b/w

Family living – the untidy truth

Lotta Sjöberg

A rebellion against all the perfect ideals and impossible demands that face us in all those makeover programmes, home furnishing magazines and TV programmes about bringing up children. A bang on target depiction of family life during those few years when you have to manage everything – buying a house, bringing up children, pursuing your career, finding self-fulfilment…

The illustrator and author Lotta Sjöberg has created an anti-housewife guide that challenges the dream of perfect parenthood, and questions all this throwaway frenzy. Everything suggests that the healthiest and most eco-friendly lifestyle is the reverse. That we cannot shop our way to domestic harmony, that spending time with the children is more important than the spotless home, and that we feel best if people accept us as we are.

Lotta Sjöberg’s illustrations touch a nerve of painful self-recognition. The advice is radical, and the humour heart-warming. The book is about having a bad conscience, makeshift solutions, double standards and the undervalued art of ignoring trends, standards and demands, and trying to live your life as you want it.

All typical of Lotta Sjöberg – the illustrator who started the popular Facebook group “Family living – the true story”.