Fardus and Malte: A Creepy-Crawly Crisis

Swedish title: Fardus och Malte. Småkrypskrisen

Series: Fardus and Malte

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 09-01-2023

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 120 pages, colour

Fardus and Malte: A Creepy-Crawly Crisis

Camilla Ceder, illustrated by Hanna Granlund

Fardus and Malte are friends and classmates. Today, the teacher tells the class about a fun school assignment. They are going to visit a real workplace, a magazine called Our Little Animals, and conduct an interview. They can’t believe their luck — Fardus likes to write and Malte loves animals!

Unfortunately, this is not a magazine about dogs or cats, or even rabbits. It’s all about bugs! Besides, it’s really boring. The editor needs all the help he can get. Fardus and Malte don’t mind giving some tips and surprise themselves by being real star reporters.

Camilla Ceder’s second stand-alone volume about the best friends Fardus and Malte is charming, humorous and spot on. Hanna Granlund is the creator of the cool and cosy illustrations. Don’t miss the first book in the series: The Parrot Disaster.