Flourishing ideas

Swedish title: Blomstrande idéer

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 15-03-2010

Format: 96 pages, 210x210mm, colour

Flourishing ideas

Minna Mercke Schmidt

Who will not be happy for getting flowers? Put colour on your everyday life with flowers all year round!

Step by step we learn how to make pretty bouqets of the first spring flowers, or to make unique compositions of the things that come with each season.

Look around in the garden, in the woods or by the road and you’ll find flowers, tree-branches, moss, autumn leaves and fallen fruit that give you inspiration. Or just go to the grocery store and look in the vegetable section!

The book is full of inspirational ideas!
Minna Mercke Schmidt is happy to share her joy for finding lovely material from nature and the garden, the joy of creating, making something with your own hands, and not the least – to be proud of what you’ve made!

It’s not difficult, it doesn’t cost much, but it gives you an enormous creative joy.

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