Flowers, Bouquets and Wreaths

Swedish title: Blommor, buketter och kransar – Blomsterverkstans handbok för hemmafloristen

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Crafts & Hobbies

Pub date: 16-03-2023

Format: 170x240, 112 pages

Flowers, Bouquets and WreathsA Handbook for Amateur Florists

Minna Mercke Schmidt, illustrated by Ellen Mercke

At last, a handbook for all the flower lovers out there!

Create beautiful bouquets, decorations, arrangements and garlands throughout the year. Learn what the amateur florist’s toolbox should contain and which flowers are suitable for picking or growing at home. Plus lots of clever hacks — like how to turn a ten-pack of tulips into a lavish bouquet!

This is a book brimming with knowledge and inspiration for anyone who loves to get creative with flowers and wants to take their hobby to the next level. Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced amateur florists.

Matilda Gredfors Andersson

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