Fragments of J

Swedish title: Skärvor av J

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 01-09-2014

Format: 288 pages, 135 x 213 mm Illustrations No

Fragments of J

Magnus Ljunggren

One late summer’s evening Sara’s best friend Julia disappears. Dark secrets surround Julia and Sara soon doesn’t know whom she can trust. In the idyllic little community things are no longer as they should be.
Fragments of J is a tense novel in true Twin Peaks genre.
The day before school starts after the summer holidays, Erik and Sara pick up Julia on Erik’s moped trailer. Erik is obsessed with the occult and on the way to an old execution place they stop at a study centre run by Kåre Swan, a spiritual medium. Julia makes fun of Kåre’s activities and together with Sara she interrupts a séance inside the centre.
Kåre is furious and Erik who is an admirer of Kåre, undeservedly shares the blame for the prank. The last Sara sees of Julia is when she waves from the back of Erik’s moped, after they dropped off Sara at her house.
The day after Julia is not in school. After the disappearance events and people start to weave together with devastating consequences and soon Sara begins to realise that she really didn’t know everything about her childhood friend. Julia was the blond whirlwind who did what she wanted, but who was she really?

Threads begin to unwind and lead to people who are close to Sara, people who mean everything to her. There are so many rumours, so many people who say things and say that they know who Julia was and when Sara tries to put together the fragments of J a new picture starts to emerge…

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