Give Birth – The Swedish Way

Swedish title: Att föda

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 16-10-2018

Format: 148x210 mm, 250 pages

Give Birth – The Swedish Waya midwife's thoughts, advice and experiences

Gudrun Abascal, Madeleine Svärd Huss

All women are strong enough to give birth, but what actually happens inside your body during childbirth? What emotions can childbirth awaken? What are labour pains? What does the midwife do? And how can you prepare? Gudrun Abascal describes the childbirth process and gives you all the support and advice you need for the experience and challenge that childbirth involves. Her informative and personal texts provide you with knowledge and insight about your body’s ability and the significance of emotions on the childbirth experience. The book also contains all the facts you need about everything associated with childbirth, including mental and physical preparations, childbirth positions and pain relief methods.

Give Birth – the Swedish Way was first published in 2000 (70.000 copies) and has become the must-read book for parents-to-be. “This is the fifth completely revised and updated edition.

GUDRUN ABASCAL is Sweden’s most well-known midwife, with almost fifty years’ experience of maternity care. Through her daily work and entrepreneurial skills, which she gained through the start-up of new maternity clinics, and her bocks, aimed at parents-to-be and health and medical care personnel, she has contributed towards changing and improving the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth in Sweden. And for this, she has been the recipient of several awards.

“My objective with this book is to share the knowledge and experience I have accumulated during the almost fifty years that I have been a midwife. I want to convey the emotional and physical aspects of giving birth so that you can reflect on your own birth experience. I want you to learn to trust your own self-esteem, self-confidence and emotions so that you can follow your intuition and strength during labour – perhaps even feel that you have so much control that you can relax a little and let your body do the work. And afterwards, to be able to say that nobody could have done it better, ‘I was the best at giving birth to my child'”

Gudrun Abascal, Stockholm 2018

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