Good Soil

Swedish title: Gödsel

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 11-03-2016

Format: 205 x 270 mm, 256 pages

Good Soilfor a thriving garden

Tina Råman

Manure might be dirty, disgusting and smelly, but it is the topic of the most exciting gardening book of the year. Because it is manure that maximises your garden, whatever you grow in it. And, like people, plants need nutrients in order to grow, flower and bear fruit, nutrients that can be found in offal, the sea, fire, rocks, the toilet, rubbish and, of course, dung heaps.
The author thoroughly explores every aspect of the theme, from chemistry and biology to history and philosophy and the book answers all your ”what’s”, “when’s” and ”how’s” and gives you concrete advice, generous tips and, above all, lots of inspiration. It lifts the lid on old and reliable fertilisation methods and opens the doors to new resource-efficient and environmentally-smart cultivation techniques.
Good Soil has an unusual theme, a tone that stands out in a crowd and doesn’t look like a typical gardening book, but, most importantly, it is a book that everyone that is interested in gardening needs and it’s probably the first comprehensive book about manure.
Behind the book is a creative trio with a passion for cultivation – a copywriter, an art director and a fashion photographer. The author Tina Råman is a writer and amateur cultivator with both feet in the earth, one foot in the flowerbed and the other in the stable’s dung heap.

Rights sold

Danish: Lindhardt & Ringhof
English: Frances Lincoln
Finnish: Metsäkustannus
French: Hachette Livre
German: Franckh-Kosmos
Norwegian: Pax Forlag

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