Guy and the Police Car

Swedish title: Bojan och polisbilen

Series: Guy

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 10-01-2017

Format: 195x260 mm, 32 pages, color

Guy and the Police Car

Johan Anderblad, illustrated by Filippa Widlund

It is time to go to bed and Guy is about to brush his teeth when he thinks of a police car that drove past his school that day. He asks Mummy if she has ever driven a police car and she has! Mummy has in fact driven all sorts of vehicles, she likes everything with an engine. She has even worked as a police officer. She explains what working in the police involves, when and why one turns on the sirens, what kind of equipment is needed and what they do when they caught a thief.

Guy’s cat then steps in the bathroom and gets everyone’s attention. It tips over the toothbrush mug and Guy asks Mummy if she has ever rescued animals. And she has, while she worked as a cop. It was a small puppy who ran away in the woods. With a bit of cunning and some leftover sandwich, she got the puppy to follow her to the police car.

Johan Anderblad is a journalist who has worked with both radio and TV productions for all ages. ln his free time Johan is often out in the countryside and always with his dog Dina, a Spanish water dog who doesn’t like water.

Filippa Widlund is educated at the Stockholm School of Art. She has illustrated many school textbooks and picture books, and has contributed to a number of anthologies. She has run painting courses for children, has also worked in graphic design and newspaper illustration.

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