Help! I’m hurting Linn

Swedish title: Hjälp! Jag gjorde illa Linn

Series: Help!

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 30-07-2012

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, colour

Help! I’m hurting Linn

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Veronica Isaksson

A new, exciting easy-to-read series by Jo Salmson

Linn is my best friend. But just today I’m so mad at her! I don’t want to hurt her but I don’t think. I just push my chair back, quickly – and then her toe gets caught on the castor! Linn’s Mum says they have to go to the hospital. I have to walk home on my own in the dark. You know, I don’t believe in ghosts. But just imagine if they really exist, even though you don’t believe in them …

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