Help! We’ve acquired grandchildren!

Swedish title: Hjälp, vi har fått barnbarn!

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 13-09-2016

Format: 125 x 197 mm, 208 pages

Help! We’ve acquired grandchildren!

Erik Sidenbladh

You don’t choose whether to have grandchildren or not. Suddenly they are there and it’s time to pick them up from nursery school, read them a good night story, make them pancakes, look after them for the weekend, worry over how they are being brought up, learn how to play games on your mobile phone and not to tell the daughter-in-law that she should be…..

Help! We’ve acquired grandchildren! is a compilation of Erik Sidenbladh’s own and other grandparents’ experience and advice. Because life with grandchildren might well be wonderful but it’s also fraught with conflicts and problems.

When paternal and maternal grandparents meet up, there’s a lot of talk on how you have to help out and how tiring it is to spend an afternoon with the grandkids. Nobody should believe that life is a bed of roses when their own children become parents. In many ways, it’s a test of the relationship you have with your own grown up children. But with some good sense, sound judgement and respect for the new parents, an investment in your grandchildren could be the best investment you have ever made.

Erik Sidenbladh is a journalist and has six grandchildren so far. In 2014 Bonnier Fakta published his book Help! We’ve acquired a garden – a handbook for novice gardeners.

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