Herring and All the Animals

Swedish title: Sillen och alla djuren

Series: Herring

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 10-01-2022

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 80 pages, B&W.

Herring and All the Animals

Anna Ehring, illustrated by Moa Graaf

The third book in the Herring series for 6–9-year-olds, perfect forreading aloud!

In this series we meet the little boy Hugo Ström, nicknamed Herring, who is not too wild about change – and we meet him in a time of his life where everything is about to turn upside down, but is it for the better or worse? Overhearing the grown-ups talking, Herring is filled with excitement – imagine if Hedda moves in next door to them?

Then they would be neighbours separated only by a field of cows. Ever since their first day at school, Herring and Hedda have been friends. It was the day Hedda lost a tooth in her soup and Herring was knocked out by a football at playtime.

Now Herring has to do everything he can to make Hedda love living in the countyside. He wants to show her everything! Especially the animals, because Hedda loves animals. But everything goes wrong. There are too many animals! They buzz, they bite, they poop and are just… simply too much. Herring can’t help but feel worried and overwhelmed: what if Hedda won’t like it here after all?

This is the third book in Anna Ehring’s series about feelings, thoughts – big and small – and making friends. Anna Ehring’s storytelling is spot-on and humorous, displaying a unique understanding for the inner life of a six-year-old. Moa Graaf’s timeless illustrations accompany the text thoughtfully and open up an immersive reading experience for both children and their parents.

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Danish: Turbine
Finnish: Mäkelä