Hill of the Fairies

Swedish title: Älvornas kulle

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 16-09-2020

Hill of the Fairies

Elisabet Nemert

Sweden’s beloved author of historical women’s fiction returns with a story of sisterhood across time and space, everlasting loyalty and unpredictable love.

When Celine’s husband unceremoniously tells her that he’s found someone new and wants a divorce, her life falls apart in one fell swoop – she loses her job as a school-teacher and is forced to move out of the house that she has lovingly built. Together with her single, successful lawyer sister Francine, she sets out to find a new life and a new home, and soon falls in love with a small cottage on the edge of a lake in a small village in the north of Sweden.

Little does she know that the house has been waiting for her and her family patiently to discover its past, as it has harbored and borne witness to the dramatic fates of many women over the centuries, lying close to a site where witches used to be burned alive in the 16th century, and according to legend, is built on the Hill of the Fairies.

Past and present are woven together as Celine’s daughter, the 7-year old Sofia, has the ability to see what’s hidden for others, and in the attic, Celine discovers a diary belonging to Emilia, a fearless and beautiful widow who used to live in the cottage with her family during the late 18th century that she reads together with Francine. Together, the women will discover that the house on the Hill of the Fairies bears many hidden secrets, as well as the powerful magic of healing, future hope and the possibility of new love.

Sweden’s answer to Sarah Addison Allen, Elisabet Nemert writes powerful stories in the tradition of Marianne Fredriksson, set in the borderland of magic and realism, that are both educational and entertaining.

Praise for Blue Longing:

‘This book is world-class in all possible ways and certainly gets 5 out of 5 stars.’
Angelicas bokhylla

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