Hille Hungry

Swedish title: Hille hungrig

Series: Six little stories

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 02-04-2012

Format: 32 pages, 165x187 mm, colour

Hille Hungry

Maria Nilsson Thore, Annika Thore , illustrated by Maria Nilsson Thore

Hille is hungry, but when is the food coming? Not now, not in a moment, but soon … Everything funny and familiar about meal times. The books in Annika Thore’s and Maria Nilsson Thore’s series for small children are as full of everyday irritations as they are of humour. The stories are seen entirely from the perspective of a one and a half year-old and capture the big issues behind everyday situations. The very youngest will recognise themselves and play their way through the stories – over and over again!

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