Hugo- mean, bloodthirsty and highly dangerous

Swedish title: Hugo. Elak, blodtörstig och JÄTTEFARLIG?

Series: Hugo

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 02-05-2013

Format: 40 pg, 195x260 mm, color

Hugo- mean, bloodthirsty and highly dangerous

Mia Nilsson, illustrated by Mia Nilsson

Circus performer and tight-rope dancer Hugo the crocodile is lost, and ends up deep in the forest in the North. Here Hugo has to make a home for himself and find new friends but that´s easier said than done when  in the opinion of the other animals in the forest you´re an alien beast, maybe a dragon, a dinosaur or a monster.

This is a simple classic picture-book story where you wonder how it will all end. Will Hugo be accepted by the other animals?

The book has a delightful humorous tone with lovely, clever, descriptive pictures, a brilliant layout and a good storyline. A good book for parents looking for a heart-warming modern story with just the right amount of excitement. We find ourselves in a book world comparable to The Seven Mile Forest.

Rights sold

Chinese (simp.)/Petrel Publishing
Dutch/ De Eenhoorn
Italian/Il Barbagianni Editore
Spanish (L&N America)/Santillana

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