Humanity’s Long Journeys

Swedish title: Människans långa resor

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 17-10-2022

Format: 215 x 280 mm, 72 pages, colour

Humanity’s Long Journeys

Anders Nyberg, illustrated by Anders Nyberg

A colourful and exciting non-fiction book about humanity’s curiosity and desire to see the world — from early migrations and exhilarating expeditions to the future of space travel.

On every page, words and pictures tell the story of famous explorers as well as unknown travellers on different continents: Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, James Cook, Ferdinand Magellan, Mary Kingsley, Amelia Earhart, Thor Heyerdahl and many more. Read about the wanderlust of Alexandra David-Néel, who in 1883 ran away from home at the age of fifteen to see distant parts of the world on her own — and who renewed her passport at the age of 100! Humanity’s Long Journeys offers entertaining and educational reading for young and old readers alike.

Written and illustrated by Anders Nyberg, one of Sweden’s foremost non-fiction illustrators, known for the Easy-to-Read Facts series, the This Is How It Works books, Journey to the Planets and The World’s First Human Being.