I’ll get the Pacifier

Swedish title: Jag hämtar nappen

Series: Micke

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 04-02-2015

Format: 187x165 mm, 32 pages, color

I’ll get the Pacifier

Pija Lindenbaum, illustrated by Pija Lindenbaum

Critic-lauded and many time prize-awarded Pija Lindenbaum has the ability to create original and unique picture books that always have a large dose of humour. She rejuvenates and enhances the picture book genre with her stories.

Micke is going to look after Manne’s little sister Titti. Just for a short while. But…oh how she bawls and cries. Titti gets louder and louder:



How to quieten her? Thank goodness Micke is inventive!

Pija Lindenbaum presents a noisy experience and pictorial humour in the fourth book for young children about Micke.

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