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Pub date: 01-09-2021

IncelInvoluntary Celibacy and a Masculinity In Crisis

Stefan Krakowski

From Stefan Krakowski, the leading expert on the involuntarily celibate, comes INCEL, a razor-sharp and initiated look at the new movement of lonely, potentially militant, men.

Isla Vista, California. A young man sits alone in a car, speaking his final words into the camera, before uploading a video directly to YouTube. He outlines his disappointments in life, including his famous father’s disinterest in him, his hatred towards women, and his life in a state of involuntary celibacy. He is on his way with a shot-gun ready, to a sorority house to kill the embodiment of the women who have chosen others over him, before ultimately ending his own life.

Elliot Rodger’s killings would go on to be labelled as ’misogynist terrorism’ by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, but in the shady corners of the internet, he is hailed as a hero and dubbed ’the Supreme Gentleman’ to a group who have started to call themselves ’Incels’, a shortening of their lonely existence as Involuntarily Celibate.

Quickly, the term becomes synonymous with fear of domestic terrorism, hatred towards women and online trolls, but what is the truth? Are Incels violent perpetrators just waiting to find their next victim, or are they lonely boys and men shunned by mainstream society? Are they in fact part of a societal shift – a crisis of masculinity – where women are surpassing men at every turn: in finances, society, jobs and education?

Stefan Krakowski, M.D., with more than 30 years of experience as a psychiatrist mixes the latest research with uncensored first-person interviews in an accessible style, making INCEL an important document into understanding both the societal shifts that has led us here, and lets us peer behind the screens into the hearts and minds of this otherwise highly elusive group.

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