Indra Larsson’s Improbable Horse Diary

Swedish title: Indra Larssons rätt osannolika hästdagbok

Series: The Horse Whisperer

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 24-08-2020

Format: 135 x 185 mm, 208 pages

Indra Larsson’s Improbable Horse Diary

Lin Hallberg

Celebrated author Lin Hallberg is back with her third book about the daydreaming and totally animal-mad Indra Larsson.

It’s spring and love is in the air! Mummy’s “friend” Arvid arrives with his stripy pyjamas and is going to stay over. Thea is convinced that Tony (with his dazzling smile) is in love with Indra.

But Indra has a lot of other things to think about too. Dexter, who she regards as her own horse, is soon to be sold.

And Indra wonders if she is destined to forever be the one who helps horses move on to someone else. It’s a good thing that the Zebra finches are brooding again because Indra has a secret plan: forty euros per chick is a lot of money. But have the eggs been fertilised and will that be enough to pay for Dexter? This spring Indra Larsson’s horse diary will stand her in good stead.

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