Indra Larsson’s Not Entirely Successful Riding Lessons

Swedish title: Indra Larssons inte särskilt lyckade ridlektioner

Series: The Horse Whisperer

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 02-09-2019

Format: 135x185 mm, 250 pages, b&w illustrations

Indra Larsson’s Not Entirely Successful Riding Lessons

Lin Hallberg

Indra Larsson has a lot on her mind, with riding lessons not going too well and best friends drifting apart. And when Sander, who is a western rider and an animal communicator, says that he will lead a clinic for problem horses over the Christmas holidays, he promises Indra that she can come and help. She has even more to deal with then. Will Indra be able to handle the stubborn pony Dexter? Can she forgive a friend who let her down? And what will happen with her friend Ruben’s film project?

A book about having big dreams and seeing them getting crushed, but maybe getting something even better in the end.

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