IRL: Impatience. Rage. Love.

Swedish title: IRL - Ilskan. Rädslan. Löftet.

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 16-08-2016

Format: 125 x197 mm, 200 pages

IRL: Impatience. Rage. Love.

Maria Frensborg

Josef is just an ordinary guy who likes computer games and chocolate. His life is turned upside down after his father ends up in a coma after an accident. His father just lies there still and lifeless in a hospital bed. There’s a rollercoaster ride taking place inside Josef’s head. If only Josef hadn’t shouted those mean words before he ran to school that morning: I HATE YOU DAD! For how can you be friends again with someone who might never wake up?

Everything is mixed up – truth and lies, joy and sorrow, right and wrong. When life turns chaotic Josef finds a refuge in his computer. A world of pixels that give you a second chance if something goes wrong. Start again and try again. But what to do when reality doesn’t work the way a game does? But at the same time, not everything is wrong. At the hospital is Ruth, the girl with the interesting freckles on her nose and Steve the male nurse who can talk about most things without being embarrassing even though he is an adult. What if there was a chance to correct everything that is wrong and start over.

Maria Frenborg writes in an easily read way about excitement, tensions and the mysteries of life. And also about how a thrilling love can have a place in a heart that is filled with sorrow and guilt. In this book computer games, philosophy and love are the main ingredients.

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