Swedish title: Öar

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 08-07-2019

Format: 240x290 mm, 320 pages


Peter Hanneberg

This is one of the largest and most extensive photobook about the world’s islands to have ever been created. Photographer and writer Peter Hanneberg shares his photographs from ten years of travelling to 50 of the world’s most fascinating islands. This includes great islands like Madagascar and Borneo, but most of the journeys were to smaller islands such as Lofoten, EasterIsland, Fiji and Mnemba Island. The most isolated place he visited was Tristan da Cunha, located 2,800 kilometres from its nearest neighbour! With magnificent images and in-depth texts, this book shoes how beautiful, unique and vulnerable islands can be – the latter often due to their small size and limited resources. You will learn about island cultures living close to nature, their histories and traditions, with all oceans and climate zones represented from the arctic to the tropics, Antarctica, the Baltic Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. With its rich stories of nature, culture and history, this book is a visual journey around the world.

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