Josefin and Villa-Ulla Solve Mysterious Mysteries

Swedish title: Josefin och Villa-Ulla löser mystiska mysterier

Series: Josefin & Villa-Ulla

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 25-09-2008

Format: 128 pages, colour illustrations, 160x205 mm

Josefin and Villa-Ulla Solve Mysterious Mysteries

Johan Unenge, illustrated by Päivi Unenge

The two best friends are at it again!

The world is full of mysteries if you just look carefully enough. This is something that best friends Josefin and Villa-Ulla are well aware of. With a magnifying glass and a notebook they set off to solve all the mysterious mysteries. “Because you never know when you might see something suspicious, or when you might need to interrogate someone,” as Villa-Ulla says.

Take for example the lady in the flower shop who is trying to poison her customers with little bags of white powder, or the vicar who sneaks into the bushes and disappears in a cloud of smoke, or the UFO at the swimming baths… Unfortunately Josefin and Villa-Ulla are almost too good at being detectives, because all the mysteries turn out to have a very natural solution.

Along with illustrator Päivi Unenge, Johan Unenge has created a colourful, entertaining book about all those things that can seem insignificant but are actually really important – at least if you’re an eight year-old girl. This is the fourth book in the series about best friends Josefin and Villa-Ulla. Look out for: Josefin and Her Best Friend Villa-Ulla (2004), Josefin Falls Out With Villa-Ulla (2006) and Josefin and Villa-Ulla, the Kindest Girls in the World (2007).

The books about Josefin and Villa-Ulla are a real treat, and they are justifiably very popular with 8 to 10 year-olds.

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