Josefin and Villa-Ulla – the Kindest Girls in the Whole World

Swedish title: Josefin och Villa-Ulla - snällast i världen

Series: Josefin och Villa-Ulla

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 06-09-2007

Format: 128 pages, colour

Josefin and Villa-Ulla – the Kindest Girls in the Whole WorldJosefin och Villa-Ulla 2

Johan Unenge, illustrated by Päivi Unenge

It’s not that easy, being kind. Really, really kind. So that you change the world a little bit. Villa-Ulla is sure she has a natural gift. It’s in her genes. Josefin thinks it’s in her genes too, whatever that means.
It turns out that kindness can be loads of different things. For example, there’s the poor priest in the church that nobody listens to. It would definitely be kind if they went along and applauded from time to time. And look how happy everybody seems to be when they get the chance to buy Golden Needles for ten kronor each. An invention Josefin and Villa-Ulla have come up with. Business is booming until Josefin’s mum turns up on the bus and wonders what they’re going to use the money for.

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