Josefin – Best Friends with Villa-Ulla

Swedish title: Josefin, bästis med Villa-Ulla

Series: Josefin & Villa-Ulla

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 15-09-2004

Format: 120 pages, 4+4, 160 x 205 mm

Josefin – Best Friends with Villa-Ulla

Johan Unenge, illustrated by Päivi Unenge

Josefin has a new friend, Villa-Ulla. Together with her, everything is deadly serious – and wonderful!

Johan Unenge and illustrator Päivi Unenge have created a colorful and easy-to-read book about all those things that may seem trivial, but which really are the most important things of all. At least if your name is Josefin and you’re eight years old. This is the first book about Josefin and her friend Villa-Ulla.

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