Journey to the Planets

Swedish title: Resan till planeterna

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 01-09-2016

Format: 215 x 280 mm, 48 pages, color

Journey to the Planets

Peter Ekberg, illustrated by Anders Nyberg

Philosopher and author Peter Ekberg takes us on an exciting fact-packed journey. Why is Neptune blue, what are Saturn’s rings made of and why does Jupiter have a spot in its middle? Alongside the easy to read rich factual descriptions there is a section where the reader meets space enthusiast Professor Oxno and the curious brother and sister Jack and Juni. Together they explore the solar system in their rubbish-driven rocket (and actually become the first people to walk on Mars)!

Fun and easy to read for all who want to know more about space. Journey to the Planets is an amazing expedition through our solar system. Here is everything you want to know, and didn’t know you wanted to know, about the sun, planets, cornets, asteroids and lots more. A book with gravity!

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