Julia Plays Hide and Seek

Swedish title: Julia gömmer sig

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 17-08-2015

Format: 165x210 mm, color

Julia Plays Hide and Seek

Eva Eriksson, Lisa Moroni , illustrated by Eva Eriksson, Lisa Moroni

Where are the socks? Julia can fetch the socks herself. She knows where they are. She returns not wearing socks but daddy’s shoes. Julia is off again to fetch the socks. But when she returns it isn’t with the socks. Mum, dad, grandma and the dog are all watching wondering what she’s up to. An amusing book for 2 year-olds and their families about the fun you can have with clothes.

Rights sold

Danish: Gyldendal
Finnish: Kustannus Mäkelä
Norwegian: Dreyers Forlag
Slovakian: Verbarium

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