Kickflips and danger

Swedish title: Kickflippar och farligheten

Series: Dragon Heart

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 10-03-2011

Format: 192 pages, 135x185 mm

Kickflips and dangerDragon Heart 2

Anna Ehring

When school goes back in August Nisse’s life seems fine. Until Tage goes away and instead Nisse starts skateboarding with Josef after school…

When the autumn term is in full swing Tage is due to go to Turkey for 3 months with his mum. But before he goes Nisse has his 12th birthday and he gets his very own computer from his dad. And suddenly the world is closer. Harry’s view of life changes too when he’s messing about on the windowsill with dad Roland’s binoculars and watching the world.

The band stops rehearsing once Tage has gone and instead it looks as if toughie Josef could become a mate. Nisse would never have thought that the class bad boy would want to teach Nisse Berg to skateboard on the ramp at the edge of the woods.

But Josef lets him down and Nisse finds out the hard way that people are not what you thought they were. That there are different realities. Thank goodness Harry is free with his good advice: think the unthinkable and talk to dad Roland. Saga seems to be trying to avoid Nisse and he doesn’t feel so sure of his old friends either since Josef let him down. Harry explains that it is Josef who doesn’t trust people but that Nisse can rely on himself and others. And it’s true: when Tage comes back the band starts rehearsing again and Saga had been keeping a low profile so that she could surprise the band with the fact that she’s started to play the guitar.

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