Kurran and Pigan in Deep Water

Swedish title: Kurran och Pigan på djupt vatten

Series: Kurran and Pigan

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 10-03-2021

Format: 215 x 280 mm, 40 pages. colour

Kurran and Pigan in Deep Water

Lisa Moroni, illustrated by Lisa Moroni

It is scorching hot in Kurran and Pigan’s forest. The stream has dried up and all the plants have wilted. And it feels like forever since it rained! Eventually the two friends set off for the big lake in search of water. A totally new life awaits them there, and Kurran even learns to swim! But one day something terrible happens and Kurran has to do something she has never dared do before. She has to swim out into deep water to rescue her friend…

Kurran and Pigan in Deep Water is a heart-warming picture book full of fairy tale adventures, summer warmth and multiple layers by Lisa Moroni. It is a story about friendship, courage and new discoveries, with enchanting illustrations inviting you to dive right in. A delightful read for young and old alike about the importance of water and learning how to swim!

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