Kurt and Kio Want a Cabin

Swedish title: Kurt och Kio vill ha koja

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 16-03-2009

Format: 32 pages, 260x190mm, colour

Kurt and Kio Want a Cabin

Lisen Adbåge, illustrated by Lisen Adbåge

Kurt and Kio are building a supercabin!

The neighbours have built a great big, fantastic cabin in a tree. Kurt and Kio want one too. Spacious and with a fine view! But they don’t have a tree to build one in…

Kurt knows where there are plenty of trees: in the forest, of course! But there are so many trees they can’t decide which one to build in.

They move on and try out various alternatives for their cabin: a sand cabin, a cabin on some steps, in a dustbin lorry, in a lottery kiosk – everything you can think of! But things don’t really work out until they get back home to their flat. Then they find the best cabin ever, with a view over the neighbours’ inferior cabin.

Lisen Adbåge’s text is short and concise. The bright colours of the illustrations are just mouth-watering! She allows Kurt and Kio to carry out their ideas without being stopped by well-meaning adults. This is a freedom that many children lack these days, when most of them are constantly in the company of adults from the moment they step outside the door.

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