Let Your Heart Be Light

Swedish title: Lätta ditt hjärta

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 04-01-2018

Let Your Heart Be Light

Karin Wahlberg

Call the Midwife meets Grey’s Anatomy in a picturesque small town setting.

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL 1953; A raging polio epidemic hits Sweden, and young Ella-Kristin is called from her nursing studies to help out at the local hospital in Ekstad. She and her fiancé Carl, a GP, try to make the best of things, while everyone around them tries to cope and leans on the hospital staff for support.

LIFE GOES ON 1954; Ella-Kristin worries about a young woman who is admitted to the ER with life-threatening stab wounds after a brutal attack. The perpetrator remains unknown, and the town is shocked by the violence. The chief physician’s wife Nancy is preparing the move to a new home, but her husband Egon seems to be even more absent than usual.

LET YOUR HEART BE LIGHT 1956; Ella-Kristin is married, but continues working in the ER, though she’s hoping to start a family soon. Her friend Stina has left Ekstad to be a midwife in Stockholm, and also finds love with Bo. Nancy is worried for her best friend Sonja, who seems to be unwell, and she tries to help her children cope while their mother is slipping away. But nurse Katja is new at Ekstad hospital, and no one suspects what she’s capable of.

‘A heartbreaking and powerful fresco.’ — Skånska Dagbladet (HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL)

‘Touching, entertaining and engaging… I’ve looked forward to this second instalment, and it doesn’t disappoint, it develops a warm and empathic series.’ — Östgöta Correspondenten (LIFE GOES ON)

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