Life Goes On

Swedish title: Livet går vidare

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 05-03-2015

Life Goes On

Karin Wahlberg

LIFE GOES ON, is the second instalment in the Hospital Series, in which we get re-acquainted with everyone we know and love from the hospital and the small town of Ekstad.

Doctor’s wife Nancy Brandh is expecting her third child and preparing to move into their new house. There’s a lot to look forward to, even the occasional day of rest where her husband is supposed to help out with the household and the children. But Egon is very preoccupied with work, and not always as available as Nancy would like him to be, and she spends many evenings alone with only the radio to keep her company.

At the hospital nursing student Ella-Kristin is worried for Evelina Winnerstrand, who was admitted to the ER with life-threatening knife wounds after a brutal attack. The perpertrator remains unknown and the whole town is shocked by the violent actions.

LIFE GOES ON is a panorama over small town life and invites us to take part in the colourful everyday lives of thoise who live in Ekstad and those who tirelessly work at the hospital to care for them.

Johanna Lindborg
Johanna Lindborg

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