Look Birds!

Swedish title: Se fåglar

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 28-03-2013

Format: 112pg, 170x240 mm, Colour

Look Birds!

Ulf Nilsson, illustrated by Oskar Jonsson

Who flew by my window?

How to get to know about birds? Start by looking at them!  Watch them and read about them to find  answers to your questions. In this philosophical and factual bird book Ulf Nilsson tells us how to become a bird researcher. Imagine being a bird, it´s more fun than you’d think!

What birds are in your garden, in the woods, on the beach?  What do they look like and where and how do they live?  What do their young eat? Birds are our commonest neighbor, so get to know them!

A typical neighbour is the swift that lives under the eaves of a house. For most of the year this bird lives in tropical rainforests but comes to your house to lays its eggs and rear its chicks. Otherwise it never lands! It sleeps and feeds on the wing and even mates in the air! Why does it return here year after year? Why does it migrate to Africa in August? And what is it like for the birds that remain in the North all winter? What amazing birds live here!

Mathilde Coffy

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