Lugo and Lill: Secrets Everywhere

Swedish title: Lugo och Lill: Hemligheter överallt

Series: Lugo and Lill

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 23-03-2023

Format: 215 x 280 mm, 32 pages, colour

Lugo and Lill: Secrets Everywhere

Anna Lundgren, illustrated by Maya Jönsson

A story about friendship and adventure!

Lugo and Lill are best friends. Lill is small and Lugo is big. One of them loves adventure and the other prefers to stay home in peace and quiet.

One day, when Lill is angry with Lugo for having a secret in his pocket, she discovers a hole in the dense green hedge that surrounds their garden. She immediately wants to crawl inside to see what’s hiding among the branches. Perhaps there’s a surprise? Lugo is less convinced, but he crawls in behind her. On the other side of the hedge, the landscape is wild and different — exciting and a little scary…

This is a story about daring to challenge yourself and about secrets big and small. A poetic and warm-hearted picture book in a large format.

Secrets Everywhere is the first volume in Anna Lundgren and Maya Jönsson’s phenomenal new collaboration about Lugo and Lill. Jönsson’s rich, flowing and detailed illustrations are reminiscent of the world-building in the Sven Nordqvist tradition, while Lundgren writes in poetic and atmospheric prose that speaks to readers both old and young.