Magic Powers

Swedish title: Magiska krafter

Series: The Witch People

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 22-08-2011

Format: 128 pages, 148x210 mm, b/w illustraions

Magic PowersThe Witch People Book 3

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Natalia Batista

Sol has found out that she is one of The Witch People – the enemies in the north who are said to have magic powers. Now she suspects that she can use magic herself! An exciting and easy-to-read fantasy in a new series by Jo Salmson – the author of the successful series “Dragon Knights” and “The Almanders’ Return”. With black and white illustrations in the Japanese manga style, by Natalia Batista.

Together with Arel and Eno, Sol flees towards the north. She goes into hiding with Eno’s family in their trading caravan. Arel’s mother Aradea is there too, and now Arel finally has the chance to get to know her. But General Kiijana has offered a reward to the person who can capture Sol …

Sol should be keeping a low profile – but she is sitting alone on the banks of the river and practising. She is trying to get plants and flowers to open, because she has heard that the witch people can do that. And suddenly she succeeds!
Then she hears someone behind her. When she turns round she catches sight of a boy who looks just like her!
Is the boy one of The Witch People too? Is he another one of the stolen children or has she perhaps finally come home?

“Magic powers” is the third part of the series “The Witch People”. You can also read “The Stolen Children” and “Run, Sol, Run!”.


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