Making the invisible visible

Swedish title: Jag vill göra det osynliga synligt

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 07-09-2010

Format: 280 pages, 265x305mm, colour

Making the invisible visible

Lennart Nilsson

Big drama is taking place in front of us, every day, although we cannot see it with our own eyes.

This is an astonishing photographic document of Lennart Nilsson’s work outside the human body.

It all begins with early black and white photographs of unicellular life in the water and ends in the comparative embryology of animals photographed in colour, so following the course of evolution itself.

The book contains sections on marine life, plant life and insect life and includes studies on plant reproduction and his famous work on the pollination of flowers by bees.

Throughout this ‘invisible‘ world we learn how each separate realm has implications for other adjacent worlds, so that without pollination, not only do the honey bees become vulnerable but so too does human life.

This photographic record is both beautiful and urgent. The invisible world is one of delicate interrelations. It is a world we all inhabit and it is precarious.

Together these photos form a story of Life itself, its development, complexity and beauty.

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