Midsummer Night Dreams

Swedish title: Midsommarnattsdrömmar

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 24-04-2020

Midsummer Night Dreams

Bengt Ohlsson

It’s 1988. A 20-something friendship group go to Roslagen to celebrate Midsummer. During the night, Jenny and Olof reveal that they are expecting, and the news fill the friends with a strange feeling. Is it already time to grow up? But they have all the pre-requisites to create the happiest generation yet. They don’t know it now, but their annual midsummer celebration will become a tradition that they keep.

In Bengt Ohlsson’s tenth novel, we follow a group of young people into adulthood and middle age, through infatuations, infidelities and divorce. The friends try to handle all the misfortunes that life inevitably brings, but will realize that the horrifying universal truth: that they are becoming old, and that much is already too late.