Monster and Ghost have an Adventure

Swedish title: Monster och spöken på äventyr

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 03-09-2021

Format: 305 x 250 mm, 32 pages, colour

Monster and Ghost have an Adventure

Alexander Jansson, illustrated by Alexander Jansson

Follow an extraordinary picture book adventure where each page is like a world of its own.

Ebba and August and their crazy ghost and monster friends leave their safe nooks and crannies in the manor house. They are going on a journey to the other side of the water to attend Monster Aunt Majsan’s party. During the hair-raising trip, everyone, even ghosts and monsters, have to be brave. On their journey, the friends pass by Snilla’s workshop and Bea’s knick-knack store, and then they take a boat across the water and have to make an emergency landing in the mysterious woods. They even get on a bus with the strangest characters you have ever seen. However, there is a reward at the end of the journey – Majsan’s delicious monster cake!

There are a lot of details to discover in Alexander Jansson’s picture world, some of which fire up the imagination and others that are atmospheric, humorous and full of fun.

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