Monsters, Ghosts and Cinnamon Buns

Swedish title: Monster, spöken och kanelbullar

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 20-09-2017

Format: 305x250mm, 32 pages, colour

Monsters, Ghosts and Cinnamon Buns

Alexander Jansson, illustrated by Alexander Jansson

Alexander Jansson has enthralled hundreds of thousands of fans across the world with his fantastic pictures. He has illustrated many books, but Monsters, Ghosts and Cinnamon Buns is the first book of his own. In this imaginative picture book adventure, August and his friend Ebba set off in the hunt for the missing cinnamon buns. The trail leads them through a scraggy forest to a mysterious manor house with gloomy rooms that have secrets in every nook and cranny. They meet a man, end up in the ghosts’ dance performance and are treated to monster pancakes in a flooded kitchen (and that’s just the start of it). But can anyone tell them where the bun thief has gone?

Alexander Jansson’s imagery has a Tim Burton feel to it – suggestive, humorous, atmospheric and full of details. This is an adventure packed with crazy ghosts and ingenious monsters and full of fun details just waiting to be discovered. The book’s many pictures and large format make it a picture book experience that is definitely far from ordinary!

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