More Tales About Pelle No-Tail

Swedish title: Fler berättelser om Pelle Svanslös

Series: Pelle No-Tail

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 20-09-2017

Format: 195x260mm, 96 pages, colour

More Tales About Pelle No-Tail

Gösta Knutsson, Åsa Rönn , Michael Rönn , illustrated by Ingrid Flygare

Welcome to Uppsala’s world of cats.

Three of Gösta Knutsson’s classic tales of friendship have been revised and illustrated for children of today. In Pelle No-Tail and the Dog Max, Pelle makes acquaintance with a new resident of Uppsala – a dog, to the other cats’ alarm. But together with Pelle they soon learn that if you have the courage to get to know someone who’s different you can end up with a friend for life. In Pelle No-Tail on the Farm, Måns comes up with a cunning plan to put Pelle in his place. And in Pelle No-Tail and the Ghost, Måns learns that people who try and scare others, often end up most scared themselves …

All the tales are of course characterised by Gösta Knutsson’s classic message: it always pays to be nice.

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